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Zebra facing East

I am so thrilled to add two new prints by David and Melissa Narcizo of Lakuna Design to the shop. These are amazing, graphic, bold digital prints which will transform a space.

David began his career in art and design while recording and touring with 4AD/Warner Bros. recording artists Throwing Muses. Melissa honed her skills as a projection artist for Dakana Designs, providing projected artwork for touring rock shows as well as special events for MTV and VH1. They formed Lakuna Design in 1999, a graphic design agency based in Newport, Rhode Island.

The limited edition prints are available in two sizes, 40″ x 30″ and 30″ x 24″.


Spring into Spring

March 28, 2014

"colorful bottle openers"

chic and colorful bottle openers

Oh hi. We are so excited about Spring, and flowers, and all the good springy stuff coming our way. There are a few new products to see, Pint Size Spanish Wine Glasses, a very cool Turquoise and White Peshtemal for the beach or a tabletop, and a whole selection of cheery and bright bar utensils from Claude Dozorme including bottle openers, ice spoons and little cheese knives.

There is new art on the horizon and as always lots of inspiration for fun, simple, chic living.

xo Leslie

Empire Delicious in NYC

October 6, 2013

Life sometimes takes unexpected twists and turns. Empire Delicious has been on the back burner for 2013 thus far due to what has been a roller coaster of a time for me and my family this year. In a nutshell, here’s what happened: My mother, Pamela Banker, started an interior design firm in the 1960s in NYC. The business […]

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Converted Greenhouse

October 17, 2012
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One of my all-time favorite spots was this greenhouse that my mother and father converted into a guest house and a party room–it was either that or tear it down. It was right next to our regular house. There was a small bedroom in the old potting shed and the actual greenhouse had a table […]

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Inspiration: 1970s in Southampton

October 10, 2012
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Do you have a room or a place that absolutely reminds you of your childhood in a really good way? I just came across this photo of my family’s living room in Southampton circa 1978. We used to have Grease themed slumber parties on that shaggy rug and now, today, I have those hand painted […]

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Edible Rhody Prints!

October 2, 2012
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I am so thrilled that these prints, and more, from Edible Rhody magazine are now available as artwork through Empire Delicious. These stunning fruit and veggie images bring the bounty of Rhode Island straight to your house year-round. They are perfect for a kitchen, dining room or wherever! Very delicious! These are museum-grade prints produced […]

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summer lunch: frittata

August 22, 2012
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I love it when you look inside the refrigerator and get a delicious brainstorm. This happened to me the other day. There were eggs, potatoes, a red pepper, half a purple onion, grated parmesan cheese, and an ear of corn, which made me say to myself: Frittata! It was easy to prepare and excellent for […]

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Brown rice salad: summer lunch

August 16, 2012
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It’s my favorite summer salad: brown rice salad. It’s easy to make, it tastes even better the next day, and it is generally a crowd pleaser. I usually call it simply “rice salad” as some people in my household are suspicious of things that sound too healthy. Here’s how I made this one, it was […]

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summer drink: iced hot toddy

July 30, 2012
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I love summertime but I’ve been missing my winter drink, the hot toddy. So, the other evening I was feeling rather inventive and created what was surprisingly good: an iced hot toddy. It’s perfect for a summer cold or just a change of pace. The downside is it takes a little forethought. Here’s how to […]

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a perfect picnic

July 24, 2012
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My Mom just gave me the Abercrombie & Fitch picnic basket that she got as a wedding present in 1966. I’m can’t wait to take it for a spin. And, what to fill the two huge thermoses with? Hot toddies in the fall? Cold martinis in the summer? I love this kind of camping! I […]

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