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Leslie Banker with her parents
This is this house I grew up in. I love so much about this room...Read More
My parents’ summer house in Long Island when I was little. I love so much about this place, from the Peter Fasano painted fabrics, to the peacock chairs, to the memories of the Grease-themed slumber parties, my Dad playing John Denver songs on the upright piano, and to the light yellow walls...Read More

Empire Delicious was born out of my idea that decorating is really helping to transform a house into a comfortable place to spend quality time with friends and family.

Decorating has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was very young, my mother ran her interior design business out of our apartment in New York and I used to organize piles of fabric samples as an after school activity.

Fast forward twenty years. I had just moved back to New York after working at newspapers in Santa Fe, NM and Southampton, NY. I was writing for magazines such as Elle Décor and New Woman and thinking that I’d pretty much figured out my career. Then one day my Mom called and asked if I would help her for a few months to set up her new office. She’d been a principal designer at Parish Hadley and when they closed their doors in 1999 she re-launched her own business, Pamela Banker Associates.

Nearly ten years, two books on interior design, and a priceless hands-on education later I realized I loved decorating as much as I loved writing. In the summer of 2011 I launched Empire Delicious.

What you’ll find at Empire Delicious is a growing collection of simple, colorful, chic accessories that will help you to feather your nest in a way that makes entertaining and connecting with friends at home as fun and easy as it can be. You’ll find items for the bar such as ice buckets, Spanish wine glasses, and cheery cocktail napkins.

There are accessories to help bring color and originality to a room, making it a more interesting and stylish place to be. In the art section there is a collection of prints and our Super Stripe throw pillows pack a punch of color (they remind me of my parent’s beach house in the 70s).

I’ve included a collection of note cards and invitations because I miss getting real snail mail that isn’t a bill. In the shop you’ll also find colorful ribbons, gift tags and wrapping paper so you can give presents that are beautifully wrapped. I think that giving and receiving a thoughtfully wrapped present is one of those simple pleasures in life, it almost doesn’t matter what’s under the paper.

Launching Empire Delicious has been an incredible experience and I look forward to expanding the collection and continuing to write on the blog. Stay tuned for more! You can see more about my interior design business, Pamela Banker Associates, here.


Leslie Banker